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Jim Allyn   Chief Executive Officer

James Allyn is the Chief Executive Officer of LitLife. In addition to overseeing the administration of LitLife's business affairs, including contracts, proposals, staffing, logistics, strategic planning, and finances, Jim is actively involved in creating a business structure that enables those who work for and with us to achieve their maximum potential, both personally and professionally. His goal is to create an organization that empowers students and those who teach them to think, learn, and lead to the best of their ability.

LitLife’s business relationships are true partnerships. Our work with our clients is collaborative, with goal setting and responsibility assignments that are mutual and measurable. There is nothing false or “for show” or dogmatic about our work. We individualize and customize our consulting to provide each and every client with the services they most want and need. Our work is rigorous, methodical, strategic, effective, and results-oriented. It is also done respectfully and with joyfulness, always remembering that we are working with human beings, especially children.

Jim is a Daily Point Of Light Award Winner. He believes that access to technology, wide distribution and availability of all types of text for students, and high-quality professional development for teachers will enable students to thrive in the highly competitive world they live in.

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