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Jennifer Scoggin   Director of LitLife Connecticut

Prior to joining LitLife, Jennifer taught both first and second grades in public schools in Harlem for eight years.  She was fortunate to receive a tremendous amount of influential professional development in the areas of reading and writing.  During her time in the classroom, Jennifer co-authored several original units of study in both reading and writing.  As the chair of her school’s social studies committee, Jennifer worked with teachers in grades K through six to incorporate more purposeful reading and writing instruction into social studies content.

Jennifer holds a doctorate in education from the department of Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Her doctoral research focused on the role and development of the professional identities of teachers.  More specifically, Jennifer is interested in how teachers’ identities are performed in the classroom, evolve over time and are impacted by the various cultures of schools.  Currently, Jennifer’s research interests are best practices in literacy instruction, teacher empowerment through professional development and teacher happiness.

Jennifer writes a regular online column, Quiet: Teacher in Progress for the International Reading Association. In the fall of 2009, Jennifer’s satirical novel, It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: My Adventures in Second Grade was published.  The book, written from the perspective of Mrs. Mimi, a character created by Jennifer, captures much of the drama of classroom teaching with a sense of humor.  The book is outgrowth of her blog of the same title that Jennifer continues to maintain.

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