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Who We Are

LitLife consultants work in schools to implement innovative structures for teaching reading and writing. After a careful analysis of a school’s environment and history, we work with staff members to enrich teaching methods and curriculum in reading and writing. We help teachers and administrators in realizing their goal: a happy school in which children and adults alike thrive.

As a cutting-edge consulting group, LitLife is constantly evolving. We utilize both the latest research on teaching and the best technological advances in the resources we offer schools. From seminars to study groups, books to DVDs, podcasts to webinars, we are constantly searching for new ways to expand the depth and breadth of literacy.

Beyond consulting in schools, LitLife has a number of initiatives in place to further literacy and a love for learning. We created a nonprofit organization, LitWorld, to bring our resources and experience to the areas that need them most. Social responsibility is woven throughout our work. There is no division between our everyday employment and our charitable endeavors: they are part and parcel of the same passion for teaching reading and writing. Whether we are consulting at a prestigious high school in Bronxville or developing a storytelling program for boys at the foster center Children’s Village, creating a family book club in Yonkers or leading a professional development seminar for a packed audience of educators, we bring the same love of work and respect for those with whom we work.

At the heart of it, our organization is driven by a fierce commitment to the dignity of every child. At LitLife, we believe that reading is essential for children. It is one of the greatest tools a child can have: reading is a source of comfort, of joy, and, perhaps most importantly, of power. We hope to help every child harness the power of reading—once they do, the possibilities are endless.


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