Core Ready: See Your
Students Excel

LitLife provides educators with invaluable help for preparing for the standards, for empowering literacy instruction, and for creating a systematic vision for your school and students’ futures.


Top 10 LitLife Professional Development Supports:

1. Small group instruction
2. Flow of a day
3. Close reading practices and how many “reads” of a text
4. Text-dependent questions
5. Performance-based assessments
6. Types of 21st century writing skills
7. Struggling readers and writers
8. English Learners
9. Assessment protocols
10. Best titles of literature and informational texts

Outcomes you can expect for your school, classroom, and students:

  • Students immersed in the practices of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing
  • Motivated teachers and students thriving together in a 21st century, literacy-rich community
  • Students who read and write well across genres and in all content areas
  • Student achievement in close reading and critical thinking
  • Student achievement as powerful writers for all audiences
  • Success for English Learners and special needs learners as readers and writers, speakers and listeners
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