LitLife’s Process in Working
With Schools

LitLife pioneers innovative ways to lead professional development.  Our work has immediate impact on students as well as teachers.  We promise successful outcomes for teacher effectiveness and student performance.
We want to see results, just as you do.

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We create an individualized strategic plan for each partner school and district.  This ensures that your teachers receive exactly what you want from the experience of working with LitLife.  Each plan includes assessment points to gauge our effectiveness and gives the ability to respond flexibly.

LitLife’s Four Step PD Cycle guarantees steadfast support, from our partnership’s inception to academic success.

1. Discovery
LitLife conducts a Discovery session in which we gain as much information as possible about your school or district. We want to know what outcomes you want by year’s end, and we want to share with you how we can help you achieve and surpass the standards as well as maximizing success in your students’ performances in all aspects of their academic literacy experiences.

We perform an in-depth collection of data through meetings with teachers and administrators; discovery walks to view classroom and library environments; sessions spent watching teachers in action; and a review of the district’s written documentation. We meet with your teams to hear and understand school and district wide goals, and we make recommendations for how these individualized goals will correlate with the larger issue of how to best achieve the goals your state has mandated.

2. Commitment
LitLife generates a formal proposal detailing the work, the outcomes, and the timeline for it. With a course of action in place, both parties discuss their responsibilities and goals for the year. We discuss how we will all sponsor this work and forge a real partnership so that we can reach the following goals:

  1. All teachers will become highly trained literacy professionals, no matter the subject area they teach. We work across the board with teachers who are subject area specialists, general educators, and specialists. We work side by side with technologists, media specialists, and librarians. We work closely with EL teachers and special educators.
  2. Your students will meet and exceed literacy standards.
  3. Your community will become a model for others in synergizing traditional and innovative techniques for literacy instruction.
  4. You will have access to the latest information on how to integrate technology to literacy instruction, how to create an environment with the highest form of teacher effectiveness, and how to develop a strategic plan that expects the most of the entire community as literacy leaders.

3. Implementation
We provide easy-to-use, easy-to-implement solutions to allow your students to reach all their educational goals. Implementation includes:

  1. New curriculum design or revision.
  2. Best practice modeling to enhance teacher effectiveness in general classrooms, subject area classrooms, special education classrooms, and with EL students.
  3. Modeling and intensives on close reading, writing instruction, and text complexity skills.
  4. Parenting workshops.
  5. Tech introductions and advanced workshops in using tablets and apps to increase achievement for all students as literacy learners.

4. Appraisal
At LitLife, our work is standards-based. We create quantifiable results. We help students to exceed state standards, but the test scores are simply markers of how well they are reading and writing. That’s what we truly care about; that is our true mission. A love of reading and a love of writing are invaluable. And with them come the excellent test scores: they are indicators, not end goals. We always work to ensure that the focus is on the students and what they need to thrive and succeed.

For this reason, we will help you to make the appraisal process simple and easy to manage for your school community. We will:

  1. Recommend top ways to monitor and track success.
  2. Provide honest and levelheaded feedback to teachers and administrators as well as to school specialists on what is going to help you achieve and exceed the norms.
  3. Keep you on track to reach your literacy goals.


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