Depending on the school, LitLife offers a range of consulting services. We begin by scheduling a meeting to tailor a consulting program to your school’s needs. We will discuss budget and time parameters, and together design a course of action to help attain the school’s goals. We handpick which of our consultants will work in each school in order to create the best fit.


What you get with LitLife:

  • User friendly standards-aligned ELA daily plan
  • Content areas strengthened by the power of reading and writing instruction
  • Confident teachers who can successfully differentiate for all students in a 21st century classroom
  • Seamless assessment timelines for purposeful use of assessment data, as well as original performance assessments
  • Performance-based assessments customized for your needs
  • Successful technology and literacy integration for the 21st century classroom
  • Independent students who can achieve literacy goals and use their skills to become college and career ready

How we do it:

  • Real time professional coaching from dynamic, experienced literacy leaders
  • Compelling professional development workshops on topics crucial to the Common Core State Standards
  • Customized consulting to meet your needs in curriculum design, selection, and implementation including ReadyGen, Core Knowledge, Expeditionary Learning, Code X, and Core Ready
  • Close partnerships to create assessment tools that really work


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