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Every day, our experienced team leaders are in schools helping teachers and administrators navigate and comprehend the new standards. LitLife helps clients seamlessly adapt to the new paradigm shifts evident in this exciting new era of education, providing innovative and easy-to-implement methods to fill any gaps that may exist in your current classroom.

LitLife has developed protocols to revise and create standards-aligned curricula that will help drive student achievement under the new standards.

Our engaging workshops and PD packages (Be Core Ready) concentrate on the most desired aspects of the 21st century classroom. From choosing appropriately complex texts and getting absorbed in close reading practices, to mastering argument, evidence, and new media, LitLife will help drive student achievement and let them soar.

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Ensure That Learning Will Stick
honeycombThe standards seek to develop readers and writers with habits and skills they will use for a lifetime.
LitLife believes the most effective way for students to truly achieve under the standards is inside units of study.
A well-designed unit artfully blends what the standards now require: long-term achievement of essential literacy competencies, skill-building to meet state-specific testing requirements, and time for critical thinking, collaboration, and reflection.